These photographs were farewell snaps in front of the entrance door to our Aussie friend and graphic designer-turned fabric designer, Kim Anderson’s house, as we were leaving what had been a sunny, fun and yummy morning for a photo shoot. Lili helped out launch Kim’s first collection, Tidal Lace last year by modeling clothes sewn from the new fabrics and was excited to help launch her second, again very beautiful, fabric design collection with Windham Fabrics, Good Hair Day.
The shades were props and a gift to take home, and of course became the feature of these after-event portraits.
The contrast of black and white, to the colorful, fresh and happy fabric designs on set is uncanny yet both work well, each projecting a completely different look.
Quick succession shots, un-planned and un-stylized offer up the most relaxed, hilarious and genuine expressions in these two.
On set the atmosphere was also playful and chilled, perfectly Australian, and if the photographs are anything like last year’s, the final images will capture this mood, perfectly suited to showcase the fabrics. We’re so excited to see what our talented Aussie photographer, Dan got in the box for the Lookbook, which will help launch the fabrics next week.


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